No Color No Light

Our morose third single release from The Banished Heart. No Color No Light.

The Banished Heart

The epic second single and title track from The Banished Heart.

The Decay of Disregard

Our first single release from our upcoming album The Banished Heart. 

Released - March 2nd 2018

Sunlight - Southwing Session

Our first release from our Southwing Audio sessions.

Sunlight "Live in Studio"


By now most of you are associating us with heavy, dark, and brooding metal, that's just one side of this coin. Devout displays our comfort and grace with copious amounts of speed, dexterity, and shifting musical styles that mirror the inner disdain and self destruction/self-loathing the lyrics preach. We hope you enjoy it.

Turpentine - Studio Edition (Blue)

...and now to the other side of what we do, we bring you all the boudoir vibe and the delta blues sounds of Turpentine. A song that combines our furthest influences with our most primal, this is the opposite side of our extreme metal leanings and our Prog tendencies and the ultimate result of the Bayou City that helped spawn what we are today.

Suffer the Last Bridge

Our expression of a dark, melodic, grandiose musical experience.


Winter (Official Video). New album out March 4th worldwide! Taken from the album, 'Winter', Century Media Records, 2015.


Letting our southern roots show with a dark nod to the bayous that have produced many a great story and song.

"Solitude" by Candlemass

Doom is certainly a big part of our musical background and we've wanted to play this song our way, in some form or fashion, for a long time. 

Memoriam Live (Acoustic)

Re-imagined musically and presented visually.

Remedy - Oceans of Slumber: Guitar Play-Through

A closer look at the guitar work for the song "Remedy" from the album Aetherial, with guitarists Sean Gary and Anthony Contreras.